Day 160- The Miami Herald

Just when my confidence in this endeavor starts wavering, something happens to boost it back up. I’m so excited to announce that the Orlando Sentinel‘s blog, “Hispanosphere,” has published my guest post! This is, in my mind, is a big step for making people aware of spina bifida, especially the Latino community, which is particularly vulnerable to this condition. It’s in English, so please check it out! You can read this entry at:

Please do share this with everyone you can find! I need everybody’s help if this grassroots effort is going to succeed.


The next publication I will “target” (he he) is The Miami Herald. It is of the utmost importance that information about “Holdin’ Out for a Hero,” and about spina bifida, gets out to the Latino community, and Miami, of course, has a very big Latino community.

A very big thank-you (GRACIAS!) to Victor Manuel Ramos of the Orlando Sentinel for making it possible for me to publish my piece. I can’t thank you enough.

Well, that’s it for tonight. That’s some pretty crazy weather they’ve been having in the north. Up there, it’s freak snowstorms. Down here, it’s severe rainstorms and tornado warnings. Stay safe.

God Bless,

Laurita ♥



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