Day 162- New Mobility Magazine

See, I told you all there would be another entry tonight! Besides washing my hair, I’ve been enjoying a “Law & Order: SVU marathon.” (Who can resist it?)

But, here’s the lowdown on “Day 162.” New Mobility is a magazine for the physically-challenged population. No, to say that seems inadequate. I must admit, I often cast aside the magazines I receive periodically when I see a person in a wheelchair doing something corny. I just don’t like the images often associated with us. It’s like editors are trying too hard to push the “normal” side of people like us, but they end up overdoing it.

With stories about everything from money to sex, New Mobility explores those oft-overlooked sides of life in a wheelchair.

The cover of New Mobility‘s December issue shows a beautiful woman, holding a bouquet of colorful balloons, who just happens to be in a wheelchair. The expression on her face is bold, as if daring us to call her anything but attractive and, yes, maybe even sexy (although she is dressed casually and conservatively enough).

(Here’s the magazine’s Web site, for all of you interested:

These are the stereotypes that should be associated with us, if any, at all. We are fun, beautiful, playful, charming, alluring. So, for that reason, and that reason alone, I want to write to this publication. People in wheelchairs should be seen doing average, typical stuff– going to work, to school, at play, or with their families. Leave the sailing, hang-gliding and rock climbing covers for outdoor magazines. (Yes, “mainstream” magazines should get into the habit of featuring people with physical challenges on their covers.)

Not all of my life is about “overcoming” something, and I imagine the same goes for all of you. Sometimes, life is about holding a bouquet of brightly-colored (non-latex, please!) balloons.

Remember to visit to learn how you can help the people of Haiti.

Good Night, and enjoy the Super Bowl– no matter what side you’re on. (I don’t know enough to make an educated decision, but I’ll watch the commercials.)

Laura 🙂


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