Day 163- Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center

Yes, it’s true. I’m finally digging up all those publications I receive periodically for people with spinal cord injuries. This is just one of the many resources I hope to tap in my search for supporters for “Holdin’ Out for a Hero.”


Packed with information and updates on the latest medical technology and events for people with SCIs, the newsletter is a great resource for Floridians.

What’s weird is, I hardly ever think of spina bifida as a “spinal cord injury,” probably because there was no age of onset or an accident that specifically triggered the lesion. To me, it’s like my spinal cord developed with that gap, and then the gap was closed. End of story, or rather, beginning of a new one. The FSCIRC is described on its Web site ( as “the statewide clearinghouse of SCI resource information for persons who have survived an SCI, their families and friends, healthcare professionals, support groups, the media, and the general public.”

The organization exists to educate people, to encourage them, and make SCI-related information accessible to everyone. Their quarterly newsletter includes stories of personal triumphs, information and advice for the consumer of medical or assistive equipment, and a listing of support groups in Florida for each region.

Please look for my entry tomorrow. I was at UCF all day, and I have some blog-related (and UCF-related) homework to do!

Remember to please visit to find out how you can help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. They continue to need our support.

Catch you all on the flipside!


Laura ♥


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