Day 164- David & Victoria Beckham

It seemed unfair to separate them, even though it probably would have been easier. (I could have split up David and Victoria, one tonight, and one tomorrow.) But this classy couple is a team, and it shows, even in the causes they support.

The British soccer stud and his “spicy” wife established the David and Victoria Beckham Children’s Charity. The organization “was set up in 2002 to help thousands of children born each year with disabilities. ”

In March 2009, Victoria came up with the idea of a “charity candle,” a unique, perfumed candle, made from vegetable wax. The proceeds of these candles go toward purchasing wheelchairs and other mobility equipment for children in need. The charity also encourages an active lifestyle for these kids.

I tried to find a photo of Victoria smiling, but I hardly recognized her, so I ended up with this one!

Changing gears a bit, I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has been supportive of me, and who has denounced the hurtful comments made about my article on “Hispanosphere.” I’ve decided to ignore any future negative comments, because, in my mind, that just takes away from the issue at hand, which is, when all is said and done, to promote awareness of spina bifida. That being said, know that everything that is said about me in relation to having spina bifida affects me multiple times over. If I’m called a “cripple,” then everyone with spina bifida is being called a “cripple,” and it hurts me on behalf of everyone else. So, it isn’t fair or reasonable for anyone to subject someone to commentary like that. I would encourage everyone to know that comments hardly ever fall on deaf ears, and negative remarks have a way of returning to you. (I know this from personal experience, as probably do many others.)

So, good night, good luck, and let’s keep channeling positivity, especially for the people of Haiti. Please visit to find out how you can help.

Laura šŸ™‚


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  1. Good for you Laura in your follow up comments on the article. I was personally offended by many of the uneducated names and generalizations made by some, and left my own two cents on the circus that has erupted.

    Keep up your hard work – it is exactly those people who need to become educated on spina bifida.

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