Day 165- John Legend


The soul singer is on his way to becoming a legendary philanthropist.

I’m truly sorry for not blogging last night. I really did a lot of homework at UCF, and then when I came home, I did some more. By the time I had finished, I was spent.

Now, feeling a bit refreshed, I’ll tell you about a man who never tires of helping the underprivileged. The remarkable, Grammy-winning John Legend established the Show Me Campaign after traveling to Ghana to learn about “the problems faced by African countries,” according to Look to the Stars. In partnership with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs’ Millennium Promise Alliance, the initiative is dedicated to providing support for poor African villages. Dr. Sachs and Legend also collaborated for the Poverty Action Tour, a series of sessions at different American universities to try to shed light on the issue of poverty, and how to combat it.

In addition, Legend is a key supporter of The Gentlemen’s Fund, which raises “awareness and support for five cornerstones essential to men: opportunity, health, education, environment, justice.”

Legend appeared in an ad promoting the GAP (PRODUCT)RED campaign for HIV/AIDS in Africa, and he is the spokesperson for Tide Loads of Hope, which has partnered with America’s Second Harvest and provided free laundry service for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Indeed, if the man has got anything, it’s soul. Pure, unadulterated soul.

I will be following up very soon with another entry– stick around, please!

Remember to help our friends in Haiti by visiting: to find out how you can contribute.

Laura 🙂


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