Day 169- Cure Medical

Bob Yant is the founder of Cure Medical, a company that manufactures urinary catheters (which I use). He also ensures his customers that “10 percent of our pretax profits are donated to medical research to develop a cure for spinal cord injuries and neurologic disorders.”

After obtaining a C-5 level injury in 1981, Bob Yant has become a tireless advocate for both spinal cord injury research and quality of life.

Bob Yant is also a catheter user.

I have been using the Cure straight catheters for at least a couple of years now, but this new knowledge that the founder of the company actually uses his own products, makes me view the company quite differently. Learning how to self-cath was probably one of the most challenging times in my life, and I felt I had practically no one to go to who could understand how I felt. Something that most children master within the first, say, five years of life (“potty training”) becomes a huge milestone for the new “self-cather.” By now, I have almost completely made my peace with self-cathing. Honestly, of all the secondary conditions of spina bifida that I dread, urinary incontinence is now pretty low on that list.

Despite my self-assurance with this, I look forward to, and yearn for the day when science will have a cure for spinal cord injuries, and when I can have full use of my muscles so I can control my body.

For now, at least, it is very reassuring to know who is on the other end. Not only is Bob Yant a catheter user; he also actively raises funds and has already donated $5 million towards finding a cure for spinal cord injury. Yant is also on the board of directors of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, who tirelessly promote paralysis research. And someday, we shall have a cure. Of that, I’m certain.

Until then, the urinary catheter shall remain what it is– a natural, normal part of my life.

I shall “talk” to you all tomorrow, probably after I get home from UCF.

Hasta mañana (and yes, Happy Valentine’s Day!),

Laura 😉



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2 responses to “Day 169- Cure Medical

  1. Nick

    Actually there is head way on making cath users to be able to use the muscles we are born with. It’s through nerve rerouting…. sounds too scary to me!

    • Laura

      Yeah, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker’s foundation is raising funds to begin U.S. trials of that procedure…it’s called the Xiao Procedure.

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