Day 170- Sean Penn

Sean Penn is an unstoppable force that refuses to be ignored. The Academy Award-winning actor– is also a staunch activist. He supports protection of the rainforests through his support of Amazon Watch, an organization that also works to “advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin .” In September 2005, Sean visited New Orleans to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. That same year, he visited Iraq and presented an award to Sister Helen Prejean for her advocacy work against the death penalty.


Always the Hollywood rebel, Penn is a die-hard activist for social and environmental causes.

And one February night, in 2009, Penn took a bold stand for LGBT rights, when he stated, “We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone!”

Along with Bosnian Diana Jenkins, Penn established the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization to bring much-needed relief to Haiti. The organization has already treated more than 40,000 patients, and serves approximately 2,000 meals a day to earthquake victims. They are now mobilizing the public to contribute before the rain season begins next month, which could mean an onslaught of diseases like malaria, tetanus, and typhoid for the already-ailing Haitians.

There is so much more I would love to tell you about Sean Penn, but my eyelids are closing, as I just spent the evening answering about five pages of questions for class tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have a test tomorrow, as well. I better get some sleep!

Don’t forget to give generously to the Haitians, and check out to find out what organizations are helping them.

Also, visit to learn more about Penn’s organization for Haiti.

God Bless,

Laura 🙂


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