Day 173- Madonna

I am feeling much better today, after a somewhat aggravating allergy attack last night. I had been alright most of the day, staying inside, and then Mom, my Aunt Lavinia (she’s visiting, along with my grandma and my Uncle Iván) and I went to Bar Louie for happy hour.

I get it– no more calamari for me! As it is, I’m still congested, but that may just be the cold weather combined with spring allergens. Of course, having spina bifida, the first question I asked was, “Did I come in contact with any latex materials?” (Many people with spina bifida develop a serious latex allergy due to overexposure to latex gloves in medical procedures.)

So yes– I apologize for not writing yesterday and also for waiting until the eleventh hour to write! (We had a little “family reunion” at our house today.) I promise to try to catch up tomorrow, as I am one entry behind. My sincerest apologies.

Here’s the lowdown. I’m writing to Madonna. Mom offered this idea because, besides being a fabulously famous, renowned, and popular artist, Madonna is also champion of several causes. The cause closest to her heart is her own, an organization called Raising Malawi. The charity provides “water, food, medical care and schooling” to orphans in extremely impoverished countries.

She sings Like a Prayer, but acts Like a Hero!

There are many other nonprofits that have benefited from the Material Girl’s true compassion, like Partners in Health, Live Earth, BID 2 BEAT AIDS, Afghanistan Relief Organization, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

But there’s another reason I wish to reach out to Madonna. The singer and actress has two adopted children, in addition to her two biological kids. This will segue us to my next topic….

This morning, I received an E-mail from a woman who is a volunteer for a Russian charity that helps orphaned children who are chronically ill and who seldom have the opportunity to be adopted. Elizabeth wrote to me about little Masha, who is three years old, and was born with “physical disabilities of the spinal cord.” Elizabeth says she doesn’t feel qualified to “diagnose” her, but I looked at photos of the little girl on the Web site she provided, and by the looks of it, she has spina bifida. There’s barely a doubt in my mind.

Elizabeth tells me that no family in the U.S. has demonstrated interest in adopting Masha. After viewing the Web site, and even translating it through Google Translate, I am confident that this is a legitimate organization. What’s more, the children are all real, most of them with special needs.

I hope someone reading this will have information on adoption organizations or agencies, or some resource that will bring precious little Masha closer to finding her new family. (I read her bio on the Website– it appears she was abandoned by her birth parents.)

Most of you know me well enough to perceive that reading all this was akin to putting my heart through a wringer. I’ll share the Web site with you, so that you can see what I’m talking about:

Those are photos of Masha.

Above is the main Web site, translated in Google Translate. It may not be the best translation. If any of you speak Russian, by all means, please clarify this!

Good night, and good luck. Tonight’s entry is dedicated to the little angel, Masha. ♥ You have captured my heart, and I don’t want it back.

Don’t forget our friends in Haiti:




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