Day 175- Matthew McConaughey

Thank you all so much for your incredible patience while I get my brain together! Next up on the list is actor and heartthrob Matthew McConaughey.


Aaaand in exchange for supporting the Spina Bifida cause, Matthew is giving away a pair of tickets to a Knicks game!! (No, not really.)

McConaughey’s personal philosophy is simple: just keep livin’. His mantra is present in every aspect of his life; so much so, that that’s what he decided to name his charity– the j.k. livin foundation. It’s mission is “to transform children into good people through ‘programs that teach the importance of decision-making, health- mental, physical, and spiritual- education, and good, all-around active living.”

Indeed, that seems to be how McConaughey lives his own life, with his laid-back personality that apparently allows nothing to faze him. (Wouldn’t we all love to be that way?)

All I know is, mine is the generation that seems to always want to sweat the small stuff!

Maybe he’s onto something here. Life isn’t just about stress; it’s about making decisions to benefit your life. Decisions that will help you to just. keep. livin.

Laura 😉


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