Day 178- Hope for Orphans with Special Needs

Yes, I know. I know. I bailed on you all last night! So, so, so deeply sorry. Yesterday I got caught up watching “Stranger than Fiction,” but I had to see it from the beginning like ten times because of all the buffering, and then the Internet at my house crashed for a bit. (Yes, I know…”likely story!”)

But, take heart. I wrote several E-mails today (or, I should say, I wrote one E-mail and then preceded to do a fabulous copy and paste job!), which I sent to three different organizations so far. I will be profiling one of those initiatives right now, Hope for Orphans with Special Needs.

Basically, what Cecily did is put together all kinds of resources related to orphans with special needs, and the adoption process. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently advocating for orphans in Bulgaria.

Her hope is that all of these organizations she provides information about will work together to “bring assistance to orphans with special needs and their caregivers.”

I hope to learn much more about Cecily and her initiative once I hear back from her!

Stay tuned– another entry is on its way. –


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