Day 182- Ewan McGregor

Perhaps the first image that comes to mind when I think of Ewan McGregor is his role as the writer, Christian, in “Moulin Rouge.” His sweet voice, filled with innocence, is almost telling of the quality of his character in real life. McGregor does not merely get involved in charitable work; he is known for his charitable work. I know it may seem as if there’s not that big a difference, but to me, there is.

In December 2005, McGregor visited Malawi on his first official trip as a UNICEF ambassador, for their Unite Against AIDS campaign for children. Of the experience, he wrote, “I’ve learned a lot about the struggle children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS face every day. The lack of food, care, love and medicines. They are no longer statistics to me but little children I’ve met who still had the strength to laugh and smile.”

"I hope you don't mind...I hope you don't mind...that I put down in wonderful life is while you're in the world!"

The Scottish Actor is also a supporter of the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland, CLIC Sargent (Caring for Children with Cancer), Clothes Off Our Back, and the GO Campaign, which supports orphans and “vulnerable children throughout the world to secure a better future.”

Finally, Ewan also contributes to Sense, a UK organization for children and adults who are both deaf and blind.

I’m beginning to wonder how Mr. McGregor has time for a film career! God Bless his heart.

I have to watch another film tonight because my mid-term in “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous…” is on Monday! Other than that, I went to Church today, and later enjoyed a “mad, bad and dangerous” ice cream sundae, courtesy of Mom.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’d like to share with you a brief E-mail I had received a few days ago from Lisa, the Russian volunteer for After I expressed my concern for Masha’s hospitalization, she replied:

“Сonversely it`s good that Masha is hospitalized! It`s absolutely necessarily in her situation.

In baby house they tried to cure her, but  surgery will help more. It will be the second surgery. After it Masha will be gypsified again (as you can see on her pictures).Сharity fund “”  with great donator`s help pays all Masha`s treatment, including diapers (that aren`t  given out at all!! Щh,sorry it`s given up ONE diaper for a disable baby per day. For not-disable baby diapers aren`t given out at all),      nursey, etc.

That`s why we are searching for family, not for money!

Dear Laura, children with spina-bifida,as well as children with other serious diagnostics are most commonly abandoned in Russia.

And not by asocial parents. No… Doctors here in  maternities persuade parents into it. And they use odious words.”

Although there still exists a language barrier, and I desperately tried to Google the word “gypsified,” I could still grasp the horror of her words, at the fate of most children with disabilities in Russia. They are abandoned, often at the behest of their doctors. It can be argued that it is better to put a child up for adoption than to abort it. I’m not getting into that, because it is a minefield. But I will say that it seems that, rather than the fanciful vision of orphans being selected by loving, well-to-do families, they are instead placed in not-so-well-equipped orphanages that are like purgatory. In short, these kids are waiting for a paradise that may never be theirs– a loving home, and a family of their own.

What countries like Russia (and certainly other countries in the world) need are the resources that will allow parents to make better decisions. These kids deserve better than to just barely survive because the alternatives were either abortion or adoption. Surely, these kids would thrive in a more accessible, compassionate environment.

Changing gears for a moment, I need to express my sadness at today’s earthquake in Chile. I send my prayers to all those affected, and to those who have lost loved ones. I sincerely hope that the American people will come together and show the Chilean people (and those in surrounding countries that were affected) the same empathy and compassion that has been shown toward the Haitians. Truly, it is a devastating piece of news, especially in light of the disaster in Haiti, which wasn’t even two months ago.

I pray that God will help all of us in providing assistance and supplies to all those in need.

Mostly, though, I pray that I may learn not to take my life for granted. Because I was born into a loving family. Because I was born into adequate healthcare.

Because I was born.

Stay safe and warm (or cool, if you live in the tropics),

Laura ♥


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