Day 187- Christie Garton

Just like a trail of breadcrumbs that would have led Hansel and Gretel back home from the gingerbread house, often one “breadcrumb” (or Web site, in this case!) that I peruse in order to find a hero, leads me to another Web site, and another hero. While reading the blog post on USA Today‘s Web site about Jenn last night, I suddenly began reading about the blogger herself. Her name is Christie Garton, and her blog is all about charity and volunteerism.

Always on the lookout for people who are making a difference, this chica reminds me of someone...can't imagine who.

Aptly titled “Kindness,” Garton’s blog features feel-good stories about what people are doing to make a difference in their communities, and has been recently keeping readers updated on the latest earthquake crises, and how people can help the victims. With posts on everything from the “Idol Gives Back” campaign to how NBA Cares commemorates Black History Month, Garton is down with what’s going on in the realm of philanthropy.

In her “About Me” blurb on the blog, it says she founded her first non-profit at the age of 19, called Music Mentors.

Garton is also the founder of an online magazine, University Chic, which seeks to be the coed’s ultimate source for all things collegiate. The contributing bloggers are all college girls, and the topics range from fashion to politics, from dating to health.

I’m not certain yet if she has a USA Today E-mail address, but if not, I will definitely try contacting someone there and letting them know I am interested in getting in touch with her. Also, I signed up to see if I can join University Chic. I’d love to be able to contribute to that site. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

I guess that’s it for tonight. Oh yeah– don’t forget to support our friends in Chile and Haiti by visiting CNN’s Impact Your World to learn how you can make a big difference in helping them heal from these terrible earthquakes.

Also, I may not remind you guys all the time, but I welcome your comments, questions, concerns and suggestions for this Web site! (Also, if you just want to talk, I am always on the lookout for new friends!) You can E-mail me at:

Much Love to you all,

Laura 😉

P.S. Yes, I realize I am going way overboard with the links. Sorry, I’m a little trigger-happy with this, now that I’ve learned how!


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