Day 189- Sandra Bullock

As the pre-Oscars hype continues, many will be Google-searching the nominees, and reading the latest entertainment news updates, to speculate about who’s got a winning chance.

Not me. To be absolutely honest, I have only watched a small handful of the movies that are somehow related to one of the nominee categories. (I saw “Avatar,” “The Lovely Bones,” “Up in the Air” and…that may be it.)

If I watch the Oscars this year, I will be closely following the social trends. By that, I mean I’ll be looking for the ways in which stars are using their fanpower to attract people to good causes.

In what seems to me as another bout of good karma, while using my USA Today iPhone app, I read an article about all of the actresses that are nominated for an Academy Award– and the causes they support. It was written by…none other than Christie Garton, who was “Day 187” of my blog!

To be fair, Garton did write about the boys. It’s just that this happened to be the article I found first! I will definitely give the blog entry about the Oscar men a read later on. Who knows? I might find a potential “hero” or two!

Tonight, I’m focusing on actress Sandra Bullock, who was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in “The Blind Side.”

In her Oscar-nominated role in "The Blindside," Bullock portrayed Leigh Anne Tuohy, a woman who takes in a 17-year-old foster child who goes on to become a football star.

The real Sandra has a charity résumé that potentially rivals that of her film career. Last May, she was inducted into Warren Easton High School’s Hall of Fame for her work in helping to rebuild the school after Hurricane Katrina left it devastated.

Last month, Bullock partnered with Coach (the handbag maker, not a team leader!) in support of the Beauty Bus Foundation. The non-profit provides in-home beauty makeovers to chronically ill patients and their caregivers, in hopes of boosting their self-esteem.

Finally, Sandra also gives to Partners in Health, which provides healthcare to people in areas of the world that are in dire need. For instance, they’ve been working in Haiti for over twenty years. So, Bullock has a heart for a number of diverse, yet equally worthy causes. I don’t know about you, but she’s earned my vote for “Miss Congeniality” with her charity résumé!

And now I have some news to share with you. After much contemplation, speculation, indignation and consternation about what to do for spring break, my family has decided to go to New York! God willing, we fly on Monday morning, and plan to return on Sunday morning (the flight leaves Saturday night– you know how that goes). I’m so thrilled, because, save for “Holdin’ Out,” I’ve been bored out of my mind! It seems everyone is going on a cruise to the Bahamas or flying to Cancún this year, but give me the harsh, bitter, unforgiving Manhattan cold any day of the week! I’ll be happy.  🙂

I’m taking my laptop with me, so I don’t anticipate any difficulties with blogging, or communicating with anyone. As always, I welcome your E-mails at:

I’ll send a letter to Ms. Bullock after I get back, and after the Oscar-whirlwind dies down a bit.

Remember to please visit Impact Your World to explore the different organizations providing relief support to Chile and Haiti.

I wish all of you a very safe, blessed, and fun spring break!

Laura 😉

Love you all,



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2 responses to “Day 189- Sandra Bullock

  1. Have fun in New York! 🙂

    • Laura

      He he…I went already, but thanks, Chelsea!! I just came back from Denver a few weeks ago and it was awesome. 🙂

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