Day 191- Alsy Acevedo


I know I write a lot about celebrities who do good in the community, but local heroes whom I’ve met personally are by far my favorite people to blog about!

I met Alsy by chance, last year at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention in San Juan. We became fast friends after Alsy reached out to me, and asked to interview me for an article she published in Orlando Sentinel‘s spanish weekly, El Sentinel.

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to meet and catch up with her on her busy life as a print journalist, after she attended a seminar she was covering at UCF. It’s rare to find someone on campus to talk to, much less an actual friend. The first thing she wanted to know (off the record, originally!) was how I felt after reading the comments on my Hispanosphere post. (You know the ones.)

In what seemed to me like a single breath, I let it all out. (I exaggerate, of course.) Then, Alsy explained that she hoped to publish an update on Hispanosphere about “Holdin’ Out for a Hero”– a post comemmorating my blog’s six-month mark. I was thrilled!

So, here’s a link to the article she wrote, which is in Q & A format: 

I hope you all are able to get something out of it. I have to say, half the fun of writing something is the process of writing itself. The other half of the fun comes from the encouraging feedback from people who were able to learn something new or relate to a part of the piece.

Alsy understands that, as a writer, and as a friend who is cheering me on after bouncing back from that fiasco. And, she should know. She’s writing about topics that are thought-provoking, to say the least. But any journalist can tell you that writing about a subject that does not give us pause is usually not worth writing about at all.

Acevedo’s stories have run the gamut of analyzing the criticism towards Justice Sonia Sotomayor, to reporting on Central Florida Latinos coming together to collect provistions for people in Haiti, to covering a talk given by a woman who is doing so much to help female victims of violence. Acevedo is very current, very relevant, and very professional.

She is also very compassionate. I can attest to that after our long conversation at UCF, during which she encouraged me not to give up, and to keep writing, and keep up the fight. She was also present at my birthday celebration this past year, which was a humble gathering of a few good friends.

So, there’s Ms. Acevedo, the mover-and-shaker who will go in pursuit of a story, no matter how emotionally raw it may leave her, and there’s Alsy, the one I’m most proud to call my friend and supporter. If I know Alsy, I’m thinking it’s a very good thing I met her early on, because she will go very far in her career! I hope we can make time to meet for coffee now and then, sometime between her tireless efforts to educate the public about the issues that are most pressing to Hispanics in the world.

A big hug for mi amiga, mi héroe, Alsy!  😉

Don’t forget our friends in Haiti and Chile, who are counting on our support to make a full recovery from their natural disasters. Visit Impact Your World to find out how you can help.

Love, Laura ♥



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