Day 193- Matt Lauer & The TODAY Show

I’ve gotten a late start on my blog tonight, and yet I wouldn’t know it without looking at the clock on the computer screen. It’s 11:06 p.m., and there is loud techno music pulsating from the lobby of our hotel in New York. There is a constant din of lively but indecipherable conversation, and people waltz in and out of the bar, their dress varying from the completely urban-casual to the completely urban-cocktail-chic.

We got up [somewhat] early this morning, had breakfast in our room (from one of those “buses” that sell food really cheap– highly recommended), and got ready to go to the NBC studio tour we had reserved tickets for yesterday.

I’ll be honest with you. The tour itself was nothing to brag about, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures on the premises– just a cheesy picture taken of each group that you could purchase for an arm and a leg.

We had printed out a couple of letters yesterday in the lobby, and I had a few with me just in case. (You never know!) We went downstairs and left the NBC building, only to ask around at another entrance if that was where the TODAY show was taped, so that I could leave a letter. (I considered addressing my letter to all four anchors– Ann Curry, Al Roker, Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer, but for some still inexplicable reason, I felt compelled to address it to Matt.)

Feeling somewhat defeated, but still hopeful, we went back to the main entrance of the “30 Rock” building (on 30 Rockefeller Plaza), and I stood at a corner of the building as a I signed the letter and addressed the envelope to Matt Lauer.


Mom folded the letter, and I placed it carefully in the envelope, sighing heavily. As I swerved around (in my wheelchair) to exit the building, I made a mad-dash in the opposite direction, and, looking back at my confused parents who were about ready to institutionalize me, I yelled, “Matt Lauer!” Still, they looked at me with questioning glances. Then, they saw the man I was following.

I had only caught a glimpse of him from behind, but I knew it was Matt. I just knew it. And the cherry on top of is, that it was at the exact same moment when I had been silently praying, “Please God, work some of your magic again for me,” that Mr. Lauer seemed to materialize out of the elevator!

I went after him, practically screeching my tires, with Mom following close behind. I said, “I’m so sorry to bother you, but I have a letter for you! I actually have a letter for you!” (I hoped he could tell by the utter disbelief in my voice and my expression that I seriously did not expect him to step out of the elevator just now.) “I was looking for someone to give it to you!”

He said, “Oh, I have a meeting, but I’ll definitely read it, and it’s a pleasure!”

I thanked him, and didn’t get too far outside 30 Rock when I started squealing like a newborn piglet, or perhaps a giddy schoolgirl.

Well, my time’s up on this computer, so I’ll continue the saga tomorrow. I’ll post a pic of Matt tomorrow.



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