Day 196- Kelsey Grammer

It’s almost a quarter past noon, and the loud din in the lobby is unbelievable. People of all ages are both gathered and spread out at the computers, the bar, near the reception counters, and basically everywhere on the first floor of the Sheraton New York. The noise, however, is easy enough to ignore, as my mind wanders in a state of absolute fuzziness.

It is my final day in New York City. I say this, and yet I can’t even think past the immediate moment, because my heart aches so badly.

But right now, I want to reminisce about a priceless moment– standing outside the legendary Lunt-Fontanne Theatre to wait for my friend Wesley, and meeting Kelsey Grammer, the actor from “Cheers” and “Frasier,” who was walking past us!

"You wanna go where everybody knows your name..." which is, apparently, New York!

I know it seems I say this about everybody, but Mr. Grammer is a really classy guy. He didn’t seem hurried as Mom fumbled with the camera to take a photo of me with him. He was amazingly sweet!

From what I read on Look to the Stars, his genial character runs deep. Kelsey is a supporter of the AmberWatch Foundation, which strives to educate children about how to stay safe from kidnapping and child predators. He contributes to the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, which seeks to “transform education locally and nationally to create greater opportunities for children.”

Grammer avidly supports Oceana,  an environmental organization to protect the world’s oceans. So, he does a lot for the community, and the community-at-large. But, at the end of the day, he’s an everyman who likes to enjoy a good Broadway show!

Now, I have to go because our checkout time is very soon. But, even as I hold back the sobs, I have hope for my future in New York someday.

So, I’ll be okay, and most assuredly, I’ll be back.



P.S.** UPDATE** My mom just came in from the freezing rain to deliver a letter to “The David Letterman Show.” Gracias, Mami!! By the way, I didn’t mention that there was an Olsen twin in the audience last night, seating near us. It was Ashley Olsen, who is currently dating Justin Bartha. (Sorry, Justin’s fans!)


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