Day 197- Tony Shalhoub

I’m going to have to make this one quick, because it’s been a long day, and we finally got a flight scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6:30. (Yes, 6:30.)

I was very honored to meet Tony Shalhoub after seeing “Lend Me a Tenor” on Broadway. He was amazing! Most people probably know Mr. Shalhoub from USA Network’s Emmy award-winning series, “Monk.”

Clearly, Shalhoub is not "OCD" about meeting his fans! He didn't mind posing with me here.

It is especially exciting to see a very well-known television or film actor, live on stage. In person (at least, off stage), Shalhoub seems very soft-spoken, like his character, “Adrian Monk,” which he made famous. Indeed, he appeared to be a gentle soul with a kind heart, and he seemed eager to meet his fans.

Once again, I felt the incomparable satisfaction of being able to personally hand someone a letter, knowing that it reached its intended recipient.

Last May, Tony donated one of his ties to an auction benefiting Career Gear. This is a non-profit that “helps disadvantaged men find and retain employment.”

Shalhoub also donated a pair of jeans to the Pair in the Square Celebrity Jeans Auction, benefiting Clothes Off Our Back.

Just make sure Detective Monk isn’t on the receiving end– he’s very averse to wearing other people’s clothes!

Mr. Shalhoub, a Lebanese-American, is also dedicated to recognizing the work of Arab-Americans. With the help of the Network of Arab-American Professionals and Zoom-in-Focus Productions, Shalhoub established the Arab-American Filmmaker Award Competition in 2005.

I guess Tony Shalhoub’s biggest obsession-compulsion is giving back! I wouldn’t mind being diagnosed with that disorder.

Hopefully, I’ll update soon from Orlando.

Love, Laura


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