Day 202- Meryl Streep

It’s nearly impossible to picture the legendary Meryl Streep without an Oscar statue in her hand. But, for tonight, I ask that you do picture her without one. There’s Meryl, the actress. There’s also Meryl, the humanitarian. It seems very inadequate to say, but for the long, successful career she has had, Ms. Streep still finds time to give back to others. She is a supporter of the Actors Fund of America, which provides “programs and services” to all those in the entertainment industry.


The 17-time Oscar nominee is also a humanitarian.

Meryl has contributed to the Prince’s Trust, which is helping disadvantaged young people in the United Kingdom.

In addition to holding the record for the most Academy Award nominations for any actor (17!), Streep has endorsed the cause Stand Up To Cancer. She also supports Artists for Peace and Justice, which is currently directing 100 percent of its donated funds to help restore Haiti. Who knows? She may someday lend her star power to the spina bifida cause!

But here’s my reason for writing to Meryl Streep:

Exactly 203 days ago, I sat in a movie theater with Mom after watching “Julie & Julia,” in which Streep portrayed chef Julia Child. She and I were both so moved by the story of how young Julie Powell was able to reach out to so many by blogging for a year– and by making every single recipe in Julia Child’s epic cookbook.

As the end credits rolled, Mom turned to me and said, “You should do that!”

I stared back at her as if she were suddenly going crazy, and I thought she had.

After all, I can hardly boil an egg!


Laurita ♥

P.S. Anybody still scratching their head at my joke? Oh yeah– don’t forget to visit Impact Your World, to find out how you can contribute to the relief of Haiti and Chile earthquake victims.


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