Day 206- Jason Mraz

"Open up your mind, and see like up your plans and then you're free."

I got a phone call from Paola today. I confess, I was pleasantly surprised. Life has been hectic and crazy on both our ends, but I was planning on calling her this week. You guys will probably remember her as one of my earliest and most ardent supporters! She still is as supportive as ever, hence the phone call.

Paola told me that Jason Mraz, the eclectic, Grammy-winning singer, had written a “note” on Facebook that I absolutely had to read. Also, I absolutely had to write to him, as a “hero!”

Jason wrote an entry that’s all about how we can all do something for the world and that we all “matter.” You really should read this— it’s awesome!

I personally think it’s tragic that there seem to be so many people in this world who think they don’t matter enough to make a difference. Hey, there are times when I don’t think I matter at all. But the encouragement I receive from all of you confirms for me what Mom and Dad have been telling me all along– I matter.

So far, Jason has showed the world how he matters through his support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, as well as MusiCares, for which he donated tickets to his North American tour in 2008. MusiCares is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Recording Academy, which is responsible for the GRAMMY Awards. Thanks, Paola, for the awesome idea!

After this, I am going straight to bed. My allergies are masquerading as a cold, so I’ve decided to take my accumulated sick days and stay home tomorrow. (It was a joke– I don’t have “accumulated sick days.” I’m a student.) Nonetheless, having to go to class at Valencia this morning, and waiting for Mom to get off work proved to be strenuous for me, so I really have to take better care of myself. I think I will go ahead and catch up on those letters tomorrow, while I’m at it.

But for now, I’ll keep my plans simple. After all, “Please don’t, please don’t, please don’t, there’s no need to complicate…”

I’m Yours (truly),

Laurita ♥

P.S. Yes, I do, in fact, realize the irony of getting really sick the day the healthcare bill was signed. Thanks for bringing it up!


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  1. Paola

    You are welcome!!!! I have a good feeling about this one! 🙂 BTW Nice ending!!! Now I have his song stuck in my head!!!

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