Day 208- Jessica Biel

Don’t you just love reading about proactive, powerhouse women? I do! I was very impressed by what I found out about actress Jessica Biel, who had a leading role in the long-running television drama, “7th Heaven.”

Biel has gone on to star in such popular flicks as “The Illusionist” and the remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

In memory of her friend, Timmy, Jessica Biel is living each day by "making the difference."

But the real story here is what she is doing off-screen. In 2007, Jessica partnered with her dad, and with business partner Kent McBride, to found the Make the Difference Network. She was inspired by her friendship with a young man who was paralyzed by muscular dystrophy, and who has since passed away. Make the Difference Network “provides a platform for individuals, non-profits, and businesses to both connect and collectively support worthy causes and organizations.

Individuals can join the network and choose which organizations to contribute to. Biel’s efforts through MTDN were recognized at the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative. She also supports PETA and the Afghanistan Relief Organization. Let’s hope Biel chooses to make the difference for the spina bifida and hydrocephalus community.

Tune in for tomorrow’s entry! I have a feeling there may be good news coming soon… (cryptic smile).


Laura 😉


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  1. Wenchie

    Ohhh, a cryptic smile?!? 🙂
    Gonna have to be better about reading your blog. (Work and other responsibilities have me busy these days)

    Look forward to some very good news!! 😀

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