Day 209- Spencer Day

There’s something very appealing to me about heroes that are, as of yet, “unsung.” That isn’t the case with 30-year-old Spencer day, who has been singing his heart out for years. Many have tried to describe him and his musical style: “a young Frank Sinatra,” “a blend of Michael Bublé and John Mayer.” One site even goes as far as to call him “the male counterpart to Norah Jones.”

I don’t know about any of that. I think the best way to describe him is just as “Spencer.” He’s unique as an artist, and as a songwriter.


Behold, my new desktop wallpaper! Just kidding. Or maybe not kidding.

He’s also unique in the way that he’s working his way onto the music scene. Unlike other artists who first develop a phenomenal fan following, and then adopt a cause, Day has been touting his mission from day one. Having been raised in a Mormon community, Spencer wants to start dialogue between the more conservative Mormons and the gay community, of which he is a proud member.

In an interview with The Advocate, Day recalls always feeling “different” as a kid. Mercifully, he is now using those differences to his advantage– and to benefit others. He recently recorded his single, “Better Way,” in partnership with Feeding America. All proceeds from the sales of his single will go toward the organization, which supports hunger relief in the U.S.

Of his involvement with Feeding America, Day has said, “I am involved because I know what it feels like to go to sleep hungry, not knowing when or how the next meal is coming.”

You probably think I love Spencer Day because I know he is a hero. But, truth be told, I loved Spencer Day the moment I first heard his hit single, “Till You Come To Me.” I’d like to share this with all of you. Spencer has this  song available for your listening pleasure on his Facebook fan page.

What’s awesome about this song is that it is so evocative of different emotions, and it makes you remember places you have never even been to. It’s really cool.

So, Spencer Day may be up-and-coming for now, but not for much longer. He dreams big, and he will be a huge success in the music industry. Kudos to him for his advocacy work, as well!

Below is the video of “A Better Way” that was released by Feeding America. Let’s pray that Spencer will be moved by our efforts for spina bifida and hydrocephalus awareness, so that we can count on his support in our mission, as well. I will be posting the link to this entry on his fan page on Facebook, and will also write a letter, in case for some reason he doesn’t see my post!

Blessings to all,

Laurita ♥



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11 responses to “Day 209- Spencer Day

  1. Wenchie

    Very cool. :)I wish Spencer the best of the best. Im a former Mormon, and his attempts to build bridges with the LDS Church and the gay community is much needed. That will be and is no easy task sometimes when one is dealing with a very conservative group. :)But there is always hope and if there is good will, great things will be accomplished.Have a great weekend Laura.Wenchie

  2. Laura

    Hey girl!!I really missed you, he he. I hope you are doing great, and I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about me and my blog. How have you been? You know, I tried to post the link to Spencer’s interview in The Advocate, but for some reason every time I tried, the page wouldn’t load again. But it’s a great article. I want to learn more about him! Take care, Wenchie, and I hope to hear from you again sometime!! ❤ Laura

  3. Wenchie

    Doing well, thanks Laura. :)I work on the family farm and we started back to work (IE working in our greenhouses transplanting) back in mid-Feb. We will be opening in mid-April. My time online is sort of hit or miss depending on what the agenda of the day is (not to mention the weather). So if I seem MIA, that is most likely why.Oh no I havent forgotten your blog at all. I do poke my head in from time to time. :)With the end of the school year soon upon you, any plans for the summer months?Wenchie

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  5. Cathy Orindia

    Please, where does Spencer Day say he is gay?

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