Day 210- Michael Bublé

After several years of growing up on pop music, my soul sort of reawakened to the possibility of more classic genres. Don’t get me wrong– I listen to many different styles of music, but somehow Michael Bublé’s interpretations of many classics, as well as of several original songs, reached me on a very deep level. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Michael Bublé’s music reminded me that it’s awesome to be “old-school.”

But Bublé is a class act in more ways than one. He has participated in many events for charitable causes over the years. In 2007, he performed at the “One Night with Lite” concert, for which tickets were auctioned to support one of his favorite charities, the BC Children’s Hospital in his hometown of Vancouver.

The Canadian crooner performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics recently.

Following the earthquake in Haiti, Michael collaborated with Rod Stewart and Leona Lewis, among others, to record the song “Everybody Hurts.” Proceeds were directed toward Haiti relief efforts.

His online fan club has also gotten involved with his passion for giving, by asking fans to donate to the BC Children’s Hospital, in lieu of sending Michael Christmas cards.

Besides the children’s hospital, Michael is an ardent supporter of Keep Memory Alive, which helps fund research for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Bublé has lent his support to Whatever It Takes, which sells products depicting the artwork of various artists (including musicians), and then donates the money to the cause of the artist’s choice.

Finally, Mr. Bublé has donated to Hear the World, an initiative to educate people about the importance of being able to hear, as well as to make people aware of different solutions available to people with hearing impairments.

It’s always encouraging to me when a famous artist helps out a variety of causes, and not just one. It keeps hope alive that someday, they will hear about spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and its accompanying conditions, and feel compelled to adopt the cause as their own.

After this, I must sign off before the “Benadryl low” knocks me out completely. Please keep reading “Holdin’ Out for a Hero” for more updates in the coming days and weeks!


Laurita ♥


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  1. Nick

    I was REALLY impressed with his Olympic performance!

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