Day 250- Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D, Texas)

Already this is shaping up to be a good weekend. I’ve been able to network some online, and last night I went to bed smiling (and tearing up a little) due to the supportive comments I’ve received from members of the “Holdin’ Out” family.

Tomorrow, I’m getting up early for an allergist appointment. I might decide to take allergy shots. I’m not sure yet. But after the brutal beating many of us took during the pollen season, I really don’t want to go through that again next year (or in the fall, when there’s another allergy season!).

Doggett is an ardent supporter of our fundamental freedoms of speech and of good healthcare.

Tonight’s member of the Congressional Spina Bifida Caucus is also new, I think. Rep. Lloyd Doggett voted for the healthcare reform bill, and is a member of the Committee on Ways and Means’ Subcommittee on Health.

He has a very consistent record of voting in favor of stem cell research, a technology that could be potentially life-saving or positively life-changing for many of us with different conditions or illnesses.

Congressman Doggett was a justice of the Texas Supreme Court, and has received many accolades for his pursuit of justice. He was awarded the James Madision Award by the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas, and was also a recipient of the First Amendment Award from the National Society of Professional Journalists.

Between 1992 and 1994, Rep. Doggett was Chair of the Supreme Court Task Force on Judicial Ethics.

With that, I leave you all. Have a great Friday, everyone! Keep sharing the mission of “Holdin’ Out” with all the people you can think of.


Laurita ♥


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