Day 251- Rep. Pete Sessions (R, Texas)

According to his Web site, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas “is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities.” Like other members of Congress we’ve discussed, Congressman Sessions has a personal stake in this matter. He has a son with Down Syndrome.

Sessions is a staunch advocate for the special needs community, and has a personal stake in their issues.

To that end, Rep. Sessions is also advisor to to the President of Special Olympics Texas.

Unfortunately, the section on his Web site titled “Health Care and Disabilities,” makes no mention at all of his efforts to help people with “disabilities.” Instead, it is yet another condemnation of the historic healthcare reform bill that was passed this year. (Seriously, Congresspeople, the joke is getting quite old. Healthcare has passed, and now, thanks to that, I will be able to stay on the insurance plan I’m already on until I turn 26. I’m a full-time student who works hard to make a difference, and I would appreciate it if you were happy for me.)

Besides the previously mentioned, Rep. Sessions is on the House Committee on Rules. He’s also on the Results Caucus. Let’s hope that’s exactly what he gives us while he is on the Congressional Spina Bifida Caucus.

I am currently working on getting the site a little bit more organized. Please bear with me as these changes will come slowly– it’s only me maintaining the blog! Even though this is a continuing work in progress, hopefully you will be able to easily navigate the site once I’m done with this next step. I’ll keep you all posted.


Laurita ♥


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