Day 258- Mel Gibson

The legendary actor and director loves to give back. Hey, whatever keeps him "Forever Young!"

Mel Gibson does not like tooting his own horn. So, please permit me to toot it for him! The star of such films as “What Women Want” and the Lethal Weapon tetralogy (meaning “four” films), is a chronic philanthropist who tries to keep a low profile.

But keeping a low profile isn’t exactly what we do at “Holdin’ Out,” now, is it? Rather, we shout it from the mountaintops, so to speak.

Indeed, Mel has endured both praise and pettiness from the press for many years, but the truth is, nobody knows how to “love thy neighbor” like “The Passion of the Christ” director Mel. In Octotober 2005, Gibson met with Mexico’s president Vicente Fox to offer a $1 million donation towards helping the nation recover after Hurricane Stan.

Gibson has donated money to Healing the Children, which provides access to medical care for needy children in many countries around the globe.

He contributed $500,000 to the Foundation for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies (FARES) for a project to protect El Mirador Basin in South America.

According to Wikipedia, during a visit to Singapore in 2007, “Gibson donated to a local charity for children with chronic and terminal illnesses.”

And, in 2008, the actor shelled out $50,000 for the Kidney Foundation of Fiji. The check was humbly delivered by Gibson’s son.

He donated a million dollars to the Rotary Club to help rebuild homes in the flooded Mexican state of Veracruz.

The Gibsons have also contributed extensively to organizations that support the restoration of Renaissance artwork.

I think I’m dizzy from all the details of Mel’s marvelous charitable works! And, he continues to age well. When all is said and done, Mel just might be, as the film title so aptly puts it– “What Women Want.”

🙂 Love,



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