Day 259- Tina Fey

Reading about Tina Fey always makes me crack a smile. It was only a few short years ago that I first heard of her, when I saw the film “Mean Girls,” which she wrote and co-starred in.

The star of "Baby Mama" is giving autism a voice.

Later on, she was given the role of “co-anchor” of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment, and received critical acclaim for her spot-on punchlines.

On a more serious note, Fey loves to support charitable causes. One of her favorites is Autism Speaks, for which she participated in Night of Too Many Stars in order to educate people about autism.

Tina also backs Mercy Corps, an organization devoted to ending world hunger, among other problems in the developing world. Furthermore, the funny girl supports Love Our Children USA, which exists to “fight violence against children.”

I’m very tired, because it’s 2:15 a.m. But, I have no complaints– it was a pretty awesome day. After Church tonight, Mom and I took our priest out for dinner at a French café we love to frequent. We shared wonderful conversation and hilarious anecdotes with him and several fellow parishioners.

It’s funny– during a weekend that I’ve felt especially lonely, God not only has provided me with some good fellowship; it seemed to have truly come through “divine intervention!” It was a beautiful evening spent in great company, and I even ended up talking with Father Bassam about some “chips” I’ve had on my shoulder for a very, very long time. You see, I wasn’t treated very well at a church I attended previously, and I was always being told, not asked, but told, that I couldn’t do certain things as an altar server.

I’ve dragged around the weight of this emotional baggage for years, and it felt good to hear that my spiritual leader thinks I have great potential. I don’t think anyone can stress that enough to a person who has spina bifida.

I don’t think anyone can stress that enough to a person in their early 20’s who still feels vulnerable and impressionable. Too often I have the bad habit of believing people when they tell me I can’t do something. Then, my anger gets channeled into lack of motivation and low self-esteem.

It seems I am finally learning to channel my anger in a more healthy way– and in a more in-your-face manner!

Wishing you all peace, love, & closure,

Laurita ♥



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