Day 270- Ray Romano


No kidding. I’ve actually got the theme music from “Everybody Loves Raymond” playing in my head right now. While the show should be titled, “Everybody wants to hit Raymond with a saucepan,” the real Ray is a much more reasonable, considerate guy.

Romano has participated in Ante Up for Africa, the poker fundraiser organized by actor Don Cheadle and poker champion Annie Duke to help Darfur. He has also supported Not On Our Watch, an organization started by Matt Damon, George Clooney, Don Cheadle, and Brad Pitt, along with a couple of other friends in the film industry, in order to help stop mass atrocities such as those occurring in Darfur.

It seems Ray’s heart is very much in Africa, as he has donated time and resources to the ENOUGH Project, which is working to end crimes against humanity in Uganda, Sudan, Chad, eastern Congo, and other regions of the African continent.

Another charity he has backed is the Watering Seeds Organization, which seeks to empower individuals who are physically challenged to “live a fulfilled life of victory and excellence” through sports.

So, while not everybody may love “Raymond Barone,” everyone should love Ray Romano for his selfless actions! Maybe he’s got room in his agenda for generating awareness of spina bifida. We shall see.

Tomorrow (okay, today, technically) I will update you on the New Hope for Kids Volunteer Appreciation Dinner I attended and spoke at tonight! It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to give you a full report.




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