Day 273- Women’s Health

Women's Health seeks to improve women's lives while not focusing on unrealistic beauty standards.

I’m always trying to “think outside the box” (or bun, if you prefer) in terms of the scope I want “Holdin’ Out for a Hero to achieve. There are so many different ways to reach people, and it’s obvious that print journalism is still a very strong one.

Although most national publications I have contacted have not responded to our mission, I feel confident that perhaps health-related magazines would be receptive to the idea of publishing an article about the importance of spina bifida awareness.

Furthermore, many of these publications, such as Women’s Health, strive to provide their readers with a better quality of life through advice columns, “how-tos,” Q &As, and often personal, first-hand accounts of difficult, health-related situations.

There are also many aspects of womanhood with spina bifida that are simply not discussed. First off, women with spina bifida need to know that they have a greater risk than other women of having a child with spina bifda. Second, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any magazine featuring a person on the cover who has a physical challenge– with the exception of specialized magazines such as Action, of course. If we are to be “mainstreamed,” that seriously needs to change. I mean, why does a non-physically-challenged person get to be on the cover almost 100 percent of the time, and a physically-challenged person is only on the cover of “special” issues?

Also, it’s critical that important issues like bladder and bowel functions, limited mobility, and how it relates to physical/emotional health and our daily activities make it to national, mainstream magazines that anybody can buy at Barnes & Noble or CVS.

That’s when I’ll truly know the word is getting out.

So…all this to say that I’m going to pitch my story to this publication!

There is a distinct possibility that I may just be a “frustrated lawyer,” he he.

**steps off soapbox**

Thank you for your time.

😉 Laurita


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