Day 277- Sarykarmen Rivera (of Central Florida News 13)

It’s sort of an old-school journalism teaching that to succeed as a reporter, you have to be entirely objective about the topics you cover.

Fortunately, it seems this outdated, old-school journalism myth is on its way out, and a more compassionate brand of journalism is making its way into the hearts and minds of viewers, readers, and listeners.


A leader in the local non-profit sector, Rivera brings diversity and compassion to everything she does.

Sarykarmen Rivera is a compassionate journalist. Having begun her professional career at Univision Tampa, she has demonstrated from the very beginning that she cares about her community, covering such compelling stories as the Terri Schiavo debate.

Sary is a revolutionary, having helped launch the “first and only FM Hispanic radio station WYUU La Nueva 92.5” in Tampa. Now, she works as an anchor for Central Florida News 13.

This past March, Sary and a team of fellow Hispanic professionals launched a non-profit organization called HYPE- Hispanic Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs -for the Latino community of Orlando. The organization was instituted with the help of its “sister,” HYPE Tampa Bay.

HYPE Orlando aims to provide up-and-coming Hispanic professionals with opportunities to network, and also to mentor the incoming group of young professionals– high school and college students. (I’m kind of somewhere in the crack between the two groups!)

Although I unintentionally missed my chance to introduce myself to Sary during the Latino Leadership event I attended a few weekends ago, I’m really looking forward to getting to meet her at an upcoming event. You see, as if her schedule isn’t hectic enough, Sary is president of the local chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (I’m sure you’ve heard me mention it from time to time!). They’re having a mixer this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Perhaps there is a way that my dear friends at NAHJ can help me get the word out about spina bifida awareness. Hopefully, I can find out very soon! It seems that for someone as proactive and socially conscious as Sarykarmen, even something like this would be possible.

Once again, let’s hope.


Laurita ♥



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2 responses to “Day 277- Sarykarmen Rivera (of Central Florida News 13)

  1. Natalie Gonzalez

    I can say from personal experience that Sarykarmen is not only a succesful reporter but also a succesful human being. Her values, morals and ethics are to be admired by everyone. I am certain that she will try to help you in the way she can for the spina bifida awareness. 🙂

  2. Laura

    Hi Natalie! I was fortunate to meet Sary last night at the NAHJ Florida Central Relaunch event. She is amazing, very humble, down-to-earth, and very passionate about everything she does! We really hit it off. Thanks for reading, please keep on doing so, and be on the lookout for more “powerhouse Latinas” to be profiled for their advocacy and non-profit work very soon!! Dios te Bendiga, Laurita

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