Day 283- Nexos Latinos

Nexos Latinos is a unique publication that merges an interest in Hispanic heritage with “information on how the cable industry’s TV, Internet and phone services can strengthen the bonds between our family and friends.”


Nexos Latinos is a magazine chronicling the merging of Hispanic culture with the use of cable services.

The magazine is a division of Eclipse Marketing Services, whose branding specialties include Hispanic marketing.

Nexos Latinos recently had a contest to “Share YOUR story,” about how cable services keep you connected. While unfortunately, the deadline for submission has passed, I will send them an E-mail, telling them how I am using my cable Internet service to reach many people through “Holdin’ Out for a Hero”– the blog, the Twitter account, and the Facebook page!

I’ll also be writing what I hope will be a very compelling letter to Eclipse Marketing, using, of course, the whole “spina-bifida-is-more-common-among-Hispanics-than-among-any-other-ethnic-group” pitch.

I’m cutting it short tonight, because I found out I have to buy another book for a class, so it’s back to UCF tomorrow for me!

So, it seems, I’m going to bed early for a change– at midnight.


Laurita ♥


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