Day 284- Tom Brokaw

Each day, it gets more challenging. I’ll admit it. Each day, I’m finding it more difficult to think of someone I haven’t already written to/about. Thank God, I’m a long way from seeing the end of the list of celebrities, public figures, and icons that can be contacted in reference to the spina bifida cause.

Allow me to introduce you to another one of those “why-didn’t-I-think-of-him-before” icons.

Once again, I’m going to profile someone for whom my journalistic abilities fall short. There just really aren’t any words adequate enough to describe the legend that is Tom Brokaw, whose claim to fame is his 22-year trajectory as both anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News.”


Having covered such stories of wide impact as 9/11, Brokaw is hailed as both journalist and humanitarian.

In addition to being on the scene to report on some of history’s most memorable events (i.e., the Watergate Scandal, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the latter for which he was the only network anchor in Berlin), Brokaw is also popular for his compassion toward others. He demonstrates this compassion through his support of Robin Hood. No, Tom Brokaw does not dress in green tights and go around stealing from the rich to give to the poor– that I know of. (Believe me, if he did, and I found a picture of him doing that, I would post it on here!) Rather, Robin Hood is an organization that aims to fight poverty in New York City from the very roots of the problem– from hunger to homelessness, from a lack of education to a lack of employment.

Mr. Brokaw has also been a presenter at an award show benefiting Autism Speaks, “the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization.”

The veteran journalist serves on numerous boards for different organizations, including the Committee to Protect Journalists, which promotes our basic right to freedom of the press. He’s also on the board of the International Rescue Committee, which responds to “the world’s worst humanitarian crises.”

Although he left his anchor chair for “NBC Nightly News” a few years ago (2004), he continues his work as a Special Correspondent. What’s more, he continues to lead through his incredible work for non-profit organizations that are helping many different people through many different causes. And, such a well-known person would be a wonderful asset to our campaign.

I’ll see you along the way,”

Laurita ♥


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