Day 288- Lady Gaga

It takes a very special kind of person to be a devoted philanthropist. Oftentimes, it also takes someone who knows just how to think “outside the box.” Such is the case with glam rock/pop queen Lady Gaga.

What’s more, Lady Gaga is never afraid to use her celebrity status to help catapult a good cause to the top. The two-time Grammy winner teamed up with Virgin Mobile for her Monster Ball tour and offered “premium VIP tickets to fans who volunteer their time to homeless youth organizations.” As a result, more than $80,000 in funds were raised, and 30,000 hours were served for different charities around the U.S.

On Jan. 24, Lady Gaga donated all the proceeds from the ticket sales for one of her shows toward relief efforts for Haiti after the devastating earthquake. Together with the proceeds from that day’s sales of online merchandise, her “Gaga for Haiti” day raised over $500,000.

When she's not being hounded by the "Paparazzi," Lady Gaga is using her "Fame Monster" to make a difference. (Yeah, I went there-- used two song references!)

Alongside recording artist Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga has also actively supported rights for the LGBT community, and is considered to be a “rising gay icon,” having been embraced by the gay community.

Despite being constantly criticized for her public image (including her wild, zany costumes and her somewhat androgynous appearance), Lady Gaga always asserts her beliefs when interviewed. She has also performed at a National Equality March and at a San Francisco Pride event, and is quoted as calling Ellen DeGeneres, “an inspiration for women and the gay community.”

So, even though you may not be able to read her Poker Face, it’s pretty clear that the glam girl wears her heart on her sleeve– and shares it with others.

And so, another week begins. I’ll keep you posted of anything new that comes up, of course!





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2 responses to “Day 288- Lady Gaga

  1. I applaud someone with her status to reach out and make a difference in the world we live in. I am currently biking across the Southern Tier of the United States in an effort to raise awareness to the issues of homelessness and the working poor of America.

    We find it very difficult to make ends meet sometimes. Often, staying in different cities for weeks at a time in able to raise funds to put gas in our chase vehicle. But, we make a difference to those we serve on our journey, even if it is only providing them with a clean pair of socks and a message of hope, telling them to never give up. We need more people with Lady Gaga’s status to step up to the plate. I truly respect her for making a difference!

    Jason J. Day
    Saved Life Ride

    • Laura

      Hi Jason!

      Thank you so much for reading. I, too, applaud Lady Gaga’s efforts, and her entrepreneurship with using her fame to raise money for great causes.

      What’s more, I’m really proud of what YOU are doing to raise awareness for the issue of homelessness. God Bless you for doing that. That is indeed an issue that knows no race, no religion, no gender, no age. It does not discriminate. I really respect you for how you’re making a difference, and hey– if at the end of the day all you manage to do is give someone a clean pair of socks or a value meal and a cup of coffee, you’re still showing that you CARE.

      Again, God Bless,

      Laurita šŸ™‚

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