Day 291- John Quiñones (of ABC News)

As the date fast approaches when I shall leave for Denver to attend the long-anticipated National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention, (I know, I’ve mentioned them ad nauseam, but please bear with me!) I keep thinking of what I still need to pack that isn’t already in my luggage. It occurs to me now that I should take little more than a hope and a prayer, and perhaps a few hundred flyers (you think I’m kidding?)!

The truth is, I’m not sure who is supposed to be there, save for the people who are already listed as presenters, moderators, panelists, or NAHJ Hall of Fame Honorees. But I know this: wherever there is a journalist, there is a voice. And this event promises to have plenty of journalists! My goal is to inform as many people as possible about “Holdin’ Out for a Hero,” and about the importance of spina bifida awareness.

In March 2008, I had the amazing opportunity to attend NAHJ’s 19th Annual Scholarship Banquet– as a scholarship recipient. The Mistress of Ceremonies was CNN’s Soledad O’Brien (who will be a moderator at a workshop this year!) and ABC’s John Quiñones was Honorary Banquet Chair.

Having met Mr. Quiñones the previous summer at NAHJ’s convention in San José, it was truly an honor getting to see him again. What’s more, he remembered me! He gave an incredibly moving and at times, funny, speech. I’d like to share the video of his remarks at the banquet, courtesy of NAHJ Videos, NAHJ’s YouTube channel:

In addition to being a longtime member of NAHJ, Quiñones has had a career in broadcasting that is as impressive as it is extensive. Currently a co-anchor the ABC News program “Primetime,” Quiñones had previously been a correspondent “Primetime Thursday,” and also for “20/20,” the popular magazine news show.

In 1999, Quiñones “anchored and reported a critically acclaimed ABC News special called “Latin Beat,” focusing on the wave of Latin talent sweeping the United States.”

He was the recipient of an ALMA Award from the National Council of La Raza. He has also won six national Emmy Awards for his commendable investigative work.

In 1990, Quiñones was honored with a World Hunger Media Award for “To Save the Children,” his report on homeless children in Bogotá. He also received a Citation for the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards.

In short, it seems in everything he does, John Quiñones shows he cares about others and their true stories. He’s committed to being a quality journalist, as well as to being a quality human being.

I really hope he will be at the convention this year!

(From L to R) ABC's John Quiñones, me, and my Papi (Daddy) at NAHJ's 19th Annual Scholarship Banquet, March 2008.

Here’s a brief update on the urine infection I told you about last night. I called my urologist this late morning, and then proceeded to call a few more times because my call kept dropping. Very annoying. After several attempts during which I was put on hold and then had to call back when the call dropped, I was told a nurse would call me back. A

A few hours later, I called back again, to inform them that a nurse had not contacted me. So, here I am, back to square one, and I hope to try calling again tomorrow (uh– today, technically!) So far, my symptoms aren’t nearly as treacherous as they were last night before I blogged. Here’s hoping I get some answers soon.


Laurita ♥


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