Day 297- Ladies’ Home Journal

This morning, I woke up to the “sound” of the lyrics from Les Miserables chiming in my head. The excitement soon quelled, for I had much to do, and I couldn’t quite yet push other concerns from my mind.

I was concerned for my health. For the past few weeks, it seems I’ve been battling one urinary tract infection after another. While my symptoms have improved, and I no longer feel that scalding, burning sensation in my bladder, I worry still. (If you’re squeamish about medical stuff, stop reading now. But this is not just “medical stuff” you see on Discovery Health. This is my life, and I’ve promised to share it with you.)

The nurse at my urologist’s office confirmed that it’s E.coli what has been persistently bothering me. She said it was most definitely related to constipation. That in itself is very frustrating, because I’ve been on MiraLax for several days now (more than that, probably) and have yet to notice any vast improvements.

In fact, I’ve probably been using a little less than what is recommended (a “cap-ful”) because it’s just so gross! I pour some in my instant coffee every morning and cringe when I see the powdery lumps floating in my mug. It’s really not the most pleasant remedy.

Thus far, it’s worked a little. I’ll keep you posted, as I know that many moms and often many people with spina bifida can spend years going through that dreadful cycle of trial-and-error that is bowel incontinence.

But, enough of that crap. (Literally.)

Given the fact that I have to rise early tomorrow (uh– today, actually– at 5 a.m.!), I’ve decided to make life easier on me. Mom suggested I write to the Ladies’ Home Journal. After doing a little reconnaissance of my own, I think it’s an excellent idea!

LHJ is committed to writing about issues that are important to women-- namely health, wellness, and giving back.

Ladies’ Home Journal is distributed by Meredith Integrated Marketing. According to the Media Kit on the MIM Web site, “With its award-winning health journalism and positive focus on empowerment, wellness and family, Ladies’ Home Journal encourages its readers to bring out the best in herself and others and to play an active role in her community.”

That sounds exactly like the sort of publication that I need to pitch “Holdin’ Out for a Hero” to! Right now, the publication is holding a contest to reward women who are doing something good in the community. The winner will be recognized at an awards ceremony in New York and will also have features published in the magazine. (What’s that infernal screeching sound you hear in the background, you ask? Oh, sorry– that’s me!)

Here’s the direct link to that forum in case you’re interested in nominating someone for the award. You must first create a free account to log in and nominate someone.

At any rate, I posted already on their forum titled, “Do Good.” Check it out! They’ve got some really cool stuff on that site.

Tomorrow promises to be a long (but eventful!) day, so I better get going. As always, thanks for listening to my rants. I appreciate all of you.


Laurita ♥



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2 responses to “Day 297- Ladies’ Home Journal

  1. JoAnn Mullins


    Put your Miralax in some juice and mix it well. Don’t spoil your coffee! I also noticied if you use a little hot water to dissolve it in then add your drink it mixes a lot better. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.

    JoAnn Mullins

  2. Nick

    UTI’s…..that’s personal!? Psh! That’s life sista! lmao.
    Recently I’ve been turned onto probiotics; which are the good bacteria living in our stomachs. It stops the bloating and smooths things out a bit. It’s not instant relief but it’s natural and not harsh like some “cures”.

    Also, there are different quantity bacteria cells (in the billions). The more the better but more expensive of course. Best part about probiotics is that it’s TASTELESS! You can get flavored and the orange really does taste like orange!

    Have fun and stay safe.

    Whew! I’m outta breath! 😉

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