Day 302- Al Hunt (Bloomberg News)


Hunt, whose son has spina bifida, is on the board of Children's Charities in Washington.

It’s been over 300 days since I began this long, arduous, often uplifting, often disheartening, journey. Hopefully you recall “Day 1- Judy Woodruff,” of PBS’ NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. She and her husband, fellow journalist Al Hunt, have an adult son with spina bifida.

It’s been a whirlwind week, and I was very tired today, so I’ve been studying my new NAHJ membership directory to see if I get any ideas as to who I can write to/about for the next few weeks.

Then, I found a nugget of gold– as fortune would have it, it seems Al Hunt attended the 2010 NAHJ Convention and Career Expo!

Yes, it is to my chagrin that I realized I missed the opportunity to introduce myself to him. And yet, I feel encouraged that I will be able to contact him directly and also ask him to ask his wife to get back in touch with me.

In addition to being the executive Washington editor for Bloomberg News, Hunt serves on the Wake Forest Board of Trustees and on the Board of the Children’s Charities in Washington.

He’s also a professor, teaching a course on “the press and politics” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications. Both Hunt and Woodruff were honored in 1995 with the Allen H. Neuharth Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Hunt has been a panelist on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and on PBS’ “Washington Week in Review.”

I absolutely cannot wait to get in touch with Mr. Hunt.

I will blog a double-whammy tomorrow. Please forgive my lag in posting this week!

Laurita ♥


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