Day 303- The Gannett Foundation

Since many of the most respected news corporations have charitable foundations that might want to pitch in to raise awareness about spina bifida, I’ve decided to contact a few of these.

I am going to write to The Gannett Foundation, which just last year gave 42 percent of its grants and matching gifts to community services.

The Gannett Foundation awards grants to different charities, ranging in interest from media training to community health.

According to the foundation’s site, the majority of The Gannett Foundation’s grants “go to grass-roots community programs, educational efforts and projects supporting young people and families.”

About 12 percent of their grants and gifts went to charities and foundations supported by United Way.

At least, I would like to encourage the foundation to publicize the high incidence of spina bifida, and to profile it somehow in publications such as USA Today, which is a well-known national newspaper. That would make a world of difference for this cause, and no doubt for many people who are affected by it.

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2 responses to “Day 303- The Gannett Foundation

  1. Mary Guerin

    Hi Laura, I am a mother of a 10 yr. old boy with Spina Bifida. I have been trying to do the exact same thing you are doing. The hours of research and contacts I have made are endless. After endless hours of searching for assistance and help with my sons special needs we are left exhausted and perplexed of how my son could fall through every crack in the system. In reading your article in Action magazine I was compelled to write you. You are such a magnificent young woman. Your writing and work is an inspiration to all. You are a role model to children and people with spina bifida. I recently applied to a grant called Clothes off my Back. This is an organization of celebrities that auction their belongings for money and give the money to a 501c non-profit for a cause. I applied for my son’s spina bifida basketball team. They need funds to travel and play basketball. It is so costly and many families are going broke providing this form of healthy living to their children with spina bifida. I would love to chat more with you and join forces for awareness. I have so much to say and would love to be apart of your work.
    I am totally on board. Please contact me. Together we can brainstorm and research. Take a look at the Clothes off your back website just googles it may be away to get your idea out there. Cant wait to hear from you.mary

    • Laura

      Hi Mary!

      I’m honored to hear from you. I’ve actually heard about Clothes off Our Back because of the many celebrities that support it. It seems to be a very popular charity. I’d love to hear more of what you have in mind for the spina bifida cause! You can E-mail me at: so we can talk some more.

      Blessings to you and your son,

      Laura =)

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