Day 306- Central Florida News 13

CF News 13, whose partner is Bay News 9, handles coverage all along the I-4 corridor.

This entry is another one that has probably been a long time coming! I’ve had a few of my reporter friends from Central Florida News 13 express to me that they’d be very interested in doing a story about “Holdin’ Out for a Hero” and my efforts for spina bifida awareness.

Well, now is the time to appeal to them! I’d really like this to happen. I would absolutely love to get an English-language newscast out to the local communities. (One by their español team would be awesome, as well!)

Central Florida News 13 is powered by Bright House Networks Cable company. Their sister station is Bay News 9. The best part would be that if a story is produced by either station, surely the other station could pick it up!

The Central Florida population is becoming increasingly Hispanic. Of course, with that population boom in Latinos comes the higher rate of cases of spina bifida. That’s something worth reporting, but you never see it on the evening news.

Why not have Central Florida be a trendsetter in paving the way for more statistics about spina bifida to be unearthed by other news outlets? I don’t want for us to wait until a celebrity has a baby with spina bifida; I want awareness now.

This is the moment. Let’s take it.


Laurita ♥

P.S. I realized last night that my UTI symptoms have either returned or never got better. There’s a chance my infection might be resistant to my antibiotic. Please pray.


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