Day 311- chART charity art magazine

It seems today is proving to be somewhat of a productive day for me. I started it off having breakfast and studying for class, and then proceeded to E-mail today’s contact person.

I’ve decided to zero-in on chART, a publication that uses a passion for art as a vehicle for raising funds and awareness for numerous charitable endeavors. The magazine is published locally, in Winter Park, Florida. A few minutes ago, I E-mailed Casey Swann, the magazine’s publisher, and asked her to consider including an article about spina bifida awareness in the publication.

chART's classy, multidisciplinary approach to giving back is an artform in itself.

In looking at the overall big picture, it’s important to me not to lose focus on the local communities that are all about getting involved in worthy causes.

Initially, I was inspired to reach out to an art publication or non-profit when I learned that today would have been Frida Kahlo’s 103rd birthday! Kahlo was a famous Mexican painter who died 1954 after living with many medical complications, including contracting polio at age six.

Hailed as "one of the most influential painters of the middle twentieth century, it is widely debated whether or not Frida had spina bifida.

Interestingly, it has been widely speculated that Kahlo also had spina bifida, although nothing has been proven. So, in honor of this late hero who might have had spina bifida, I wanted to share Google’s lovely depiction of Frida as is available today on the search-engine.

Have a beautiful day, everyone. Remember to please E-mail me at: with any and all questions or suggestions!


Laurita ♥


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