Day 314- National Public Radio (NPR)

I’m really excited today. No, seriously, I’m psyched. In about two weeks, I’m getting…new glasses. Yep.

You may think I’m weird to get so enthused over a pair of eyeglasses, but mine my current ones are all scratched up from the anti-glare resolution that is peeling off.

I know that optometry seems to have very little to do with spina bifida or with hydrocephalus, but many years ago, it was on a routine visit to the eye doctor such as today’s that I discovered my shunt was malfunctioning. I wasn’t having any symptoms at all– no headaches, no blurry vision (okay– at least, not blurrier than usual!), and no nausea or any of that.

But that day, which I very vaguely recall, if at all, the doctor told my parents I had edema– or swelling– of the optic nerve.

That is a big red flag for a person with a shunt. And it was very scary to imagine that my body was deceiving me; that I could be experiencing the failure of such a critical device that my life is so dependent upon, and not even have the slightest idea. I was still going to school, and living my normal life.

But today, edema was the first thing I asked my doctor about. Thank God, the optic nerve appears to be just fine.

Let’s move on to the main course, shall we? I want to write a letter– or E-mail, or whatever– to National Public Radio (NPR). They are partnered with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in providing free, educational, entertaining and informative broadcasts to the public.


Privately supported, NPR offers noncommercial news and arts programming for its listeners, who can now listen from virtually anywhere on the globe.

With online streaming, NPR programming is now available to virtually anyone with a laptop and wireless access. Incredible. (I’m a former old-schooler who’s still getting used to these 21st-century ideas!)

NPR has a health blog on its site, so I’d be very interested in contacting someone there, and asking if either they can feature a blog post about spina bifida, and about “Holdin’ Out for a Hero,” or if they’d welcome me as a guest blogger. This is something I want to look into very soon!

It seems I’m going to have my plateful for the next few weeks– finishing classes, graduating, and writing a whole bunch of things that people have asked me to write and I simply haven’t gotten to it yet! I will get to it– I promise. Once I get started on something, I usually just plow right through.

So, those are some of the things I’ll be working on in the coming weeks– writing, and then writing some more!

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll continue to make some time for my entries each day.


Laurita ♥


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  1. Larry Dilworth

    You are doing a great job Laura..You are my SheroI was born with Spina Bifida and never let it stop me. Still going STRONG at age 66Check out my site went up in a Sailplane for my 66th Birthday.I LOVE new adventures it keeps you young!

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