Day 325- Rachel Maddow

Yes, here’s yet another profile that has been a long time coming! Having earned a degree in public policy from Stanford University, she was a Rhodes Scholar and completed her studies with a PhD in politics from Oxford University.

She’s a famous/notorious political pundit with a mind faster than the speed of light (I exaggerate!), and…she does not own a T.V. set. Yep, you heard me. Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s prime-time political princess, does not have a television set in her home.

I know, you’d probably expect a bigger streak of narcissism in Rachel Maddow. But she’s hardly narcissistic. In fact, I recall in a magazine article she was once quoted saying that she dresses “like a 13-year-old-boy.”

But for all of Rachel’s goofy humor and anti-Vogue apparel, she has a heart of gold for people– and for just causes. In college, Maddow became a staunch activist for HIV/AIDS causes, as well as gay rights, and has received many accolades for her program, “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

She also had her on radio show, also titled “The Rachel Maddow Show,” on Air America.

In March, Maddow was honored with a GLAAD Award for her news coverage of an anti-gay law in Uganda.

In 2009, she won a Gracie Award from American Women in Radio and Television.

And tonight, I am honoring Rachel as a hero for many different minority groups, and for always fighting for just causes. But most importantly, for making me laugh so hard tears came out of my eyes!

Rachel cares about the stories she covers, and the people she interviews. She may not always agree with her sources, but she’ll invite them on her show anyway to “talk her down.” That’s the kind of journalism we need today. Our society’s future depends on it.

So, I’m writing to Ms. Maddow to ask her if she will support the spina bifida cause by bringing awareness to it. I truly hope she responds, because I’d love to hear from her! (Meeting her would be even better.)

Through “Holdin’ Out for a Hero,” I’ve always attempted to strike a balance between the heroes I profile. There is no doubt that Rachel’s hard work in advocacy and in seeking outthe truth goes above and beyond where political lines are drawn.

That’s why I’m reaching out to her.

Good Night, and Good Luck!

Laurita ♥



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