Day 332- Women & Co.

I must seriously give Mom and Dad more credit! Usually when either one of them casually offers an idea, they’re on to something. That was the case with Mom today. She recently got her hands on an old issue of magazine. It lay on our kitchen counter for a few weeks, and when I initially thumbed through it, I was disheartened to see that all the offers, promotions, and contests had already expired.

Today, however, I was in desperate need of an idea. I spent the afternoon working on a major class assignment, and any brain cells I had left were fried up in the process. I needed inspiration.

At that point, Mom mentioned the magazine again, which was now full of sticky notes marking the pages that had possible ideas. What a sweetheart, that mother of mine! As it turnedout, I followed a lead, and struck gold (I hope!)

Women & Co. is a unique initiative started by Citibank, of the Citigroup, Inc. company. The online community was born from the idea that “women have distinct financial realities.” So, the community is meant to be a hub for women to share their ideas, to ask questions related to their finances, spending, and saving, and to provide women with sound financial guidance.

But here was the hero-worthy point for me. Among the various finance-related topics listed on the site, which publishes articles and tips for members, I found a section on philanthropy! This is clearly a point that is close to the heart of Holdin’ Out for a Hero, and I hope to contact the people behind this initiative to let them know that I am a woman, a woman with a good cause that needs a strong voice.

And, for what it’s worth, I saw the ad for Women & Co. in a very female-oriented magazine, and the idea to look into this came from a woman in the first place, my mother, of all of women.

Very empowering stuff, if I do say so myself. I have to wonder how many women with children with spina bifida or some other congenital, chronic condition are members of this particular community. It certainly would be interesting to find out. Or, even more interesting, I’d like to know how many of them are living with such a condition themselves.

Of course, such a survey would probably be very unethical…or would it? ;)

Good night!

Laurita ♥


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