Day 337- O: The Oprah Magazine

When a company or entity is so gigantic (conglomerate-size, actually) that it gets overwhelming to even think about, you have to put several of your eggs in different baskets. Huh? I’m taking about Oprah, of course! I profiled Oprah Winfrey on Day 3 of Holdin’ Out. Then, I sent her several E-mails and a letter. But, no response yet.

So, once again, I’m at that frustrated point– that point that screams “Why the heck isn’t this important to anyone!?”

Every so often, it’ll start to feel personal, as if this were specifically about me; that I’m the one being given the cold-shoulder. I know it isn’t personal, but to me it is. It’s personal because, despite my best efforts at self-preservation, I’ve come to care about the 166,000 Americans living with spina bifida, plus God-knows-how-many-more in countries all over the world.

Every time I get a negative reply, a “sorry-but-we-can’t-help” consolation letter, it feels like you would feel if they punched your younger sibling in the gut. I’ve become fiercelyprotective of my spina bifida family. It aches to the core to feel like I haven’t done enough yet.

But, it’s far from over. There are still letters to write, people to E-mail, and old contacts to shake up!

After this week, I plan to have finished all my coursework for college, and then it’s down to business. That’s why I decided to approach O: The Oprah Magazine. It’s about time they gave us a listen. Oprah’s enterprise is astronomically huge, so I have to drop one in every basket possible!

I’d like to take a moment and give a shout-out to my cousin, my primito, Alejandro, who is sleeping over! Alex graduated from high school and will be attending Ohio State University in the fall to study computer engineering. (I’m psyched about having a geek in the family!) We’re so proud of you, Alex. I love you!

Good night,

Laurita ♥

P.S. Oh yeah– it’s on like Donkey Kong. If that means anything to anyone.



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