Day 338– Veronica Villafañe

On my last night in Denver at the NAHJ convention in June, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Kevin Olivas and NAHJ past president Veronica Villafañe. The party was winding down a bit, and we sat at the tables outside of the ballroom at the Colorado Convention Center.

I listened and took notes as the ever-resourceful Kevin listed some helpful contacts, and Veronica and I got acquainted with each other. I knew who she was because of her high-profile status in the NAHJ (she was a board member for seven years), but had never officially met her. I was surprised that she seemed to recognize me, too, but I’ve been to the conventions the last four consecutive years, so I guess it was likely to happen!

At the end of our conversation, when I reluctantly left to go back to my hotel, Veronica gave me her card and urged me to keep in touch with her.

Now, this is why that’s a pretty big deal.  Ms. Villafañe is an Emmy award-winning journalist whose long trajectory in the business has found her working for CNN en Español, Telemundo, Univision, Reuters, and CBS Telenoticias, among other stations.

Villafañe has also served on the board of the Radio and Television News Director’s Association (RTNDA), and she is president of Alter Ego Communications, a company that specializes in public relations, marketing, image building, and media training.

Oh yeah– Veronica has also been everywhere! As the daughter of a U.S. foreign service diplomat, “Veronica was born in India and lived in the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, a well as different cities within the United States.

Currently, Villafañe is the author of the blog “Media Moves,” about trends in the media industry and the impact they have on Latinos.

Even if I’m not an official non-profit organization or some other entity that might become a client of hers, I hope that she will be moved to raise some much-needed awareness of spina bifida in whatever capacity she is able to do so. After all, every little bit helps.

With that, I must go. I’m running myself ragged just by procrastinating on my blog (when I can’t come up with ideas!) and going to bed late as a result.

I will be E-mailing Veronica in the next few days or so.

Until then, peace out!

Laurita ♥



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