Day 339- MediaBistro

After posting Day 30 of my blog (about Bill Hemmer), my friend Dawn (a.k.a. “Wenchie”) commented on that post:

Laurita..Did you know your blog entry was picked up by TVNewser??

No, I did not. I had absolutely no idea! TVNewser is a blog published by MediaBistro about the goings-on in the television news industry.

MediaBistro “is dedicated to anyone who creates or works with content, or who is a non-creative professional working in a content/creative industry.” According to their site, this definition includes “editors, writers, producers, graphic designers, book publishers, and others in industries including magazines, television, film, radio, newspapers, book publishing, online media, advertising, PR, and design.”

With Bill being a news anchor for Fox News, stories about him were being tracked. The result was this story that was published by the blog’s editor, Kevin Allocca.

Clearly, this bit of publicity was a big step in a direction I didn’t even anticipate “Holdin’ Out” was headed.

My goal, now that the first anniversary of this initiative is fast-approaching, is to contact Mr. Allocca again and ask if he and the MediaBistro team would be willing to publish a post on TVNewser, or any of their other blogs, about my initiative, and the progress it has made this past year.

Obviously, I have attempted to contact many high-profile members of the media industry: writers, reporters, anchors, bloggers, talk show hosts, etc. I think that a more in-depth article describing who I’ve reached out to and what their responses have been would be very appropriate for the content of their site.

Amazing people such as Bill Hemmer, Judy Woodruff, Alsy Acevedo and Christina Hernandez have been involved in spreading awareness of spina bifida. Indeed, thanks to all of you, even if all you do is repost the link on your own Facebook page, Twitter page, or Web site, or if you tell a friend, or refer me to someone else who is interested in our cause, you are doing a great deal.

And with that, it’s off to bed with me. I’m sorry I did not post two entries tonight– I didn’t forget. Today I took my final exam for my last class at UCF (yay!), and I went to bed at 3 a.m. last night (later, probably), putting the finishing touches on my e-Portfolio.

I promise I will do everything in my power to blog two entries tomorrow. Cool?


Laurita ♥

P.S. UCF stands for “U Can Finish!”



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