Day 343- Tiki Tiki Blog

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in downtown Manhattan. It’s a different experience for me to be out of Midtown, but it’s just as cool. Spencer recommended Stumptown Coffee, which is adjacent to (or part of, actually) the hotel. It’s delicious!

So now, I’m availing myself of the Wi-Fi, while plugged into the music on my phone. This is really good post-conference therapy. We don’t really have any set plans yet for this afternoon, so we’re just playing it by ear, and taking opportunities as they come up.

I’d like to take a moment and tell you about one of my new friends from the BlogHer ’10 conference. Her name is Carrie Ferguson Weir, and, along with Marta Maria Darby, she started a Web site called Tiki Tiki Blog, where Latinos can share stories about their culture, their upbringing, their food, their lives, their struggles, their triumphs. It’s a blog by Latinos, for Latinos.

Tiki Tiki Blog won the Blogs By Latinas Awards in the Culture/Cultura category.

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Carrie at BlogHer. She’s a lot of fun, and she immediately came to me with ideas about people I could contact for “Holdin’ Out.”

Needless to say, Latina women are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to raising awareness for a cause, including spina bifida! They really know how to get the ball rolling.

I better go now. I’m enjoying the down-time here (if blogging can be called down-time!”), but it’s time to see more of this beautiful city. I’d like to head to the Village today if possible.


Laurita ♥



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