Day 344- Kelly Mullaney

Greetings again from New York (and from the techno-beat-filled-lobby of my hotel)! When I leave tomorrow afternoon to go to the airport, it will be especially difficult, given the many unprecedented surprises that have ensued on this trip.

Today was full of activity and of happy surprises! Bill Hemmer called me yesterday, just as I was stepping off the bus in the Village. He asked us to meet him today at the Fox News studio.

As luck would have it, he wasn’t answering the phone in his office, but Mom caught him (ran after him, actually, quite amusing!) as he was hurrying out of the building. We talked for about 30 minutes, and I related the story of how, just as we were a few blocks from the studio, a man approached Dad, informing him he had dropped something.

It was one of the front wheels on my chair. Oh perfect. It was quite ironic, because I actually got a question from my friend Dawn yesterday, asking me how I thought New York City measured up in terms of wheelchair accessibility.

I must admit, there are more than a few potholes, and of course, the constant traffic doesn’t help when you’re trying to maneuver around the potholes. There also seems to be a construction project going on just about everywhere I go– scaffolding galore. Today, while heading toward the studio, we were momentarily delayed when we came across some barricades blocking part of the sidewalk. As we tried to make sense of it, I noticed a large carpet that read “Eat, Pray Love.”

Oh, great. So, not only were we going to experience a minor inconvenience; I was also subjected to having to pass by where Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem would be hanging out! It must have been a premiere.

Furthermore, it doesn’t help that I decided to bring my nearly-eight-year-old wheelchair that’s practically on its deathbed to the City That Never Sleeps– or stops for anyone.

Fortunately, I told Bill about the chair, and he immediately called up his ever-efficient assistant, who gave him the address of the nearest hardware store where later went to have a screw replaced (on the chair, not on me).

I think New York was trying to tell me something on my last long day out and about. Funny.

Afterwards, we met with my cousin, David, who lives in Brooklyn. He met us near the hardware store, and we took a bus to 116th to meet Uncle Tom for dinner near Columbia University.

We had an awesome time, a little sangria, and took a cab back here. It was probably the best note to end our trip on, although we still have tomorrow morning to enjoy!

All this to say, I’m reaching out to my new friend from LATISM and BlogHer, Kelly Mullaney, who I had the opportunity to hang out with this past weekend! She is really awesome.

Kelly is president and founder of Working Art Media, a multimedia company in Rochester, N.Y. She has “over 15 years of professional project experience.”

In addition, she specializes in multimedia and Web development. Ms. Mullaney holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, and an M.S. in Software Development & Project Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as an advanced graduate certificate in Interactive Multimedia Development.

In short– she’s a geek! And that’s a very, very good thing. (I certainly could have used skills like hers when I was building my Web site, he he.)

Kelly is also a hardcore photographer. For BlogHer, she packed a very large camera…and her own flash. She takes pictures– seriously.

But what struck me most about Kelly was her humble attitude with everyone else, and especially her sincere, encouraging words for me. Today, she sent me a message on Twitter, just to let me know that she really enjoyed meeting me this past week. It’s details like these that make me feel truly appreciated and loved.

And I really love my LATISM and BlogHer sisters. A whole lot. Let’s continue to get our amigas Latinas involved in the spina bifida cause.


Laurita ♥

P.S. I got an A and a B in my classes! Whoo-hoo! I am OFFICIALLY a graduate of UCF. 



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