Day 345- Jeannette Kaplun

It’s taken me a long while to begin this entry, partly because I wasn’t yet sure who to write about, but also because I find myself very distracted and heartbroken.

I have to leave New York today, but each time I come here it gets increasingly difficult to do this.

As I sit in the Tisserie coffee shop next to my hotel, I can’t believe this will be the last time for God-knows-how-long that I try to drown out the trucks, buses, and loud voices outside. This will be the last time I sit here struggling with the question of which joint actually boasts the best coffee in the city.

I know I’ll be back, though, and to be honest, this fact alone is what keeps me going between visits; the knowledge that I must come back here someday soon.

So, in homage to the city that has given me so much, and that has dared me to dream and to do, I need to write about another amazing woman I met at BlogHer ’10, right here in the City That Never Sleeps.

Meet Jeannette Kaplun. She’s a TV journalist and presenter for “Vida en linea,” a technology program on the Discovery Channel.

A parenting expert, Jeannette co-founded Todobebe in 1999 to share information and resources for parents about health, nutrition, products for families, planning for families, and expectant parents.

Jeannette was one of the original Latina bloggers, and she has developed a solid following on Twitter (over 2,500 people follow her!) and also on Facebook.

In everything she does, Ms. Kaplun exudes compassion, empathy and warmth for people. I immediately noticed this when I arrived at the BlogHer Welcome breakfast at the Hilton, and a few minutes into the speeches, I realized Jeannette was sitting next to me at the table. Trying not to make eye contact, I discreetly whipped out my phone and Tweeted her. “Hola, I’m sitting next to you!” I Tweeted, then casually put my phone on the table and looked away. Not a whole minute later, I looked up to see Jeannette leaning over me, waiting to give me a big ole’ Latina abrazo!

This was indicative to me of her personality– she’s a big deal in the community, but that doesn’t seem to affect her interactions with people at all. She’s well-respected, but she mutually respects her followers. Truly, she’s one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve met. I hope I get to see her again soon!

Also, I hope she will feel compelled to share resources for families with someone with spina bifida with her mostly-Latino audience.

And now I leave you, before the lump in my throat betrays me and I have to rush out of the coffee house.

“It’s up to you, New York, New York.”




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