Day 349- Latina Lista

As I implied yesterday, it’s been a crazy past few weeks for me. Yesterday, after leaving Church, I went to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse with Mom for dinner– and was genuinely surprised to see [most of] my family waiting at a table there! My cousin, Kaemi (“Kimmy”) flew in from Las Vegas, where she worked for the summer, and my jaw dropped to see her there.

As I took it all in, I noticed a big mylar ballon that read “Congrats grad!” At that point I said, “Oh my God, is this all for me?”

It was. I had been so wrapped up in finishing classes the past few weeks, and then getting ready for the trip to New York, that I had no clue that my entire family was in on something. It was so overwhelming to realize that they really were all there for me– whether in person or in spirit.

So, thanks everyone, for making my graduation so special! You all rock!

Tonight, I’m profiling an entity that has been supporting me since almost the beginning of this journey. Marisa Treviño is the founder and publisher of Latina Lista, a”community niche news site” that covers all types of news stories from the perspective of a Latina.

I first found out about Latina Lista when Marisa E-mailed me, asking if she could feature my blog on her site as a “BlogBeat Partner.” I enthusiastically said yes! I was so surprised that my blog had reached her already. Remember, this was in the “early days” of the blog, when my initiative had had very little media exposure.

Little did I know I would have the pleasure of meeting Marisa at the 2010 NAHJ Convention in June! She actually came up to me and introduced herself. We chatted for a while, and exchanged ideas about where she wanted to go with Latina Lista, and where I wanted to go with Holdin’ Out for a Hero.

It’s always incredible to meet followers, readers and supporters of my efforts in person. It is an occasional reminder that, yes, we’re going somewhere with this. And spina bifida will never be in the shadows again.

Ms. Treviño is a syndicated journalist and a commentator for local public radio. As a writer, she is passionate about issues of social justice. I sincerely hope that, given her interests, we can collaborate to share a little awareness with the world. After all, any Latina who is educated about spina bifida is, in fact, a “Latina Lista.”

Good night!

Laurita ♥



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