Day 353- Pinkberry

Although it’s a quarter past one, I can’t seem to disengage my mind yet. I am a little wound-up after reminiscing about my trip to New York, so now I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to get to sleep sometime soon!

Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt company, is opening a store today in my neighborhood and offered a “preview” event during which everyone could try their yogurt for free! Let me tell you, it’s awesome. You get your choice of any two yogurt flavors, and then you can select as many fresh fruit or dry toppings as will fit into your cup.

It’s an irresistibly delectable concoction every time.

The very first Pinkberry store opened in West Hollywood in 2005. Since then, it has quickly caught in places such as Texas, New York, California (and now, Florida). They even have stores in Kuwait and Dubai. Truly, Pinkberry is set to be the newest craze for a long while!

This is why it’s important for me to reach out to them and let them know that spina bifida is an issue of global reach and of local relevance to everyone. They can help by hosting an awareness event, or perhaps using some of their product containers to advertise the cause.

I will be contacting the corporate headquarters as soon as I can!

And now, I will sign off before my head drops onto the keyboard. Be sure to check out the other entry I just published about my BlogHer ’10 experience!


Laurita ♥



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