Day 355- Café Media

It was this ad that sparked my interest in Café Media! I love it. =)

I came across an advertisement recently that literally cracked me up. I saw this when I visited the Web site for a blogging conference that I seriously want to attend. Café Media is one of the sponsors of Blogalicious, which will take place in Miami in October.

This ad had a very strong personal effect on me. I burst out laughing and could hardly stop, because it spoke to me about my Hispanic heritage!

I love that there are media companies out there that are sporting a sense of humor when it comes to their target audience. I also think that they could be a great asset to our spina bifida awareness campaign, especially since they already have a knack for communicating messages to Latinos (which, are of course, the ethnic group with the highest incidence of spina bifida– heard that before?).

Hopefully I will get the chance to meet representatives of Café Media if I go to the conference. Nothing is absolutely certain yet, but I’m doing everything possible to get there!

I will update you all on this once things are more “in order.” (That isn’t really a phrase I use too often in describing my life!)

Now, though, I’m going to bed.

Good night, “Holdin’ Out” fam!

Laurita ♥



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